Rowan Arabella Cowl Make Along

We have teamed up with Rowan to bring you our latest make along project. Since we started the Black Sheep Wools Make Along group on Facebook we have enjoyed sharing projects everyone now and then for people to make along together. The group is also a nice place to share your knitting and crochet, with the added benefit of having friendly, fellow knitters / crocheters on hand to offer advice with patterns or choosing colours. When Sara knitted a ZickZack scarf and shared it in the group it was hugely popular and this became one of our make alongs. It’s especially fun when it’s a project that you can choose the colours and yarn that you work with. It’s interesting to see what everyone picks.

Welcome to…..the Rowan Arabella cowl. A sensational cowl, colour work design by Lisa Richardson. The lovely folks at Rowan have kindly given us the pattern as a free download, which means you can use your favourite DK yarn and play with colour combinations.
The original cowl design (as seen in the photo below) is made in Rowan Alpaca Classic. A delightful texture yarn that has an irresistible haze, creating a snuggly piece of knitting.

We have made up a selection of Rowan yarn kits, including the original colourway in Alpaca Classic. There’s also a Cotton Glace version and Felted Tweed. Two more amazing Rowan yarns that also come in a myriad of shades. 

Rowan Felted Tweed colourway

Rowan Alpaca Classic - Original

The kits have proved to be very popular and were no sooner in stock than they were out! More yarn is on it’s way and we are hoping to be able to make more kits soon. Have you chosen your own palette? We played around with a couple more colour combinations in Rowan Alpaca Classic to see what other options might work.

x2 shade 104, x1 shade 111, 127, 122, 119.

Rowan Alpaca Classic

x2 shade 105, x1 shades 101, 122, 119, 118.

Rowan Alpaca Classic

x2 shade 104, x1 shades 114, 111, 108, 127.

Rowan Alpaca Classic

x2 shade 123, x1 shades 101, 125, 128, 116.

Rowan Alpaca Classic

x2 shade 111, x1 shades 125, 114, 105, 106.

The pattern is knitted in the round on a circular needle size 3.75mm 100cm, casting on over 300 stitches. This would also probably work with an 80cm circular needle too. Although the pattern is called a mobius cowl it is not a true mobius twist. As Sara and Lucy were casting on they realised that it was slightly different and looked into how to do the twist for this particular design. Watch the video here where they discuss their findings further and demonstrate what you need to do.