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Are you ready for a new knitting project? Do you fancy trying a new technique? Do you want to make a top-down jumper but don’t know where to start? Well welcome to our latest Make Along, the Tin Can Knits ‘Flax’ Sweater. 

Tin Can Knits is the collaboration of two Canadian designers; Alex Ludeman and Emily Wessel who have been designing together since 2010. Their aim is to ‘inspire, guide, and support knitters through joyful pictures and stories, excellent knitting patterns, free learning materials, and prompt customer service’, and they do all this and more. The ‘Flax’ is one of their ‘Learn to Knit’ patterns designed to teach you the principles of top-down knitting and (virtually) hold your hand along the way. 

A top-down pattern means you literally start knitting at the top (the neck) and work your way down. Why would we do this? Well firstly it is seamless, so no sewing up at the end. It also means you can try the garment on along the way to ensure you get the right body and sleeve length. It is a great technique and this is the perfect project to begin your top-down journey.

The ‘Flax’ pattern is completely free to download. It uses an Aran or Worsted weight yarn and a variety of needles. All of this will be explained by me on videos throughout our Make Along and Tin Can Knits also have a variety of resources available for you, to explain every step. 

I am truly excited by this Make Along. I have only done one top-down knitting project before so it will be a bit of a learning curve for me too. I will be casting on my Flax sweater early so I can give you my hints and tips along the way, but the official cast on date is Friday 26th May over on our Facebook page, and we will work on it for the next few weeks. Before you start, read my blog post looking at knitting a tension square for the Flax sweater.

I can’t wait to get started - I know you are going to love it!

Sara xx

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