Our Story

Black Sheep Wools is a family run knitting and needlecraft retailer based in the Cheshire countryside. Our first shop came to life in the village of Culcheth in 1983.

Opened by Carol Mulvey, a lifelong knitter, it stocked all sorts of yarny goodness. Her eldest son Stephen and then her husband Paul soon joined her on the journey. 35 years later and a few tweaks here and there, we are proud purveyors of the Black Sheep Craft Barn.

We are still in Culcheth but the shop's a bit different now! It’s the largest knitting and stitching store in the country, why don’t you take a closer look here.

Black Sheep Wools History

Take a walk down memory lane with Black Sheep Wools here.

The business today is run by Stephen and his (much!) younger sister Sara - can you guess who’s writing this? Our Mum and Dad still get roped in on high days and holidays though! If you want to meet a true yarn enthusiast, speak to me. I have a huge stash and more WIPs than I ever dare count

Black Sheep Craft Barn

As well as the Craft Barn we have a fabulous website stocking thousands of cross stitch kits and beautiful yarns, as well as exclusive kits and colour packs. We can also be found at many of the incredible yarn and craft shows across the UK.

I hope you enjoy your time with Black Sheep Wools, any problems or queries you can email me directly: sara@blacksheepwools.com