Walk Down Memory Lane With Black Sheep Wools

We've changed a lot since Black Sheep Wools was founded in 1983. We started as one shop in Culcheth, Warrington then expanded throughout the North West.

Over time we have evolved to exhibit at many of the country's best loved yarn and craft shows and expanded into online retailing. We're known for our exciting projects and have a community of followers from all around the world; you can join them in our Facebook Make Along group

With changing times, we moved all our smaller shops into one, the UK's largest knitting, crochet and stitching shop, The Craft Barn. Here are some pictures from our archive.


History of Black Sheep Wools

Sara, Steve, Carol and Paul, with help from members of the local Rugby League team, at the opening of our Wigan shop in 1991

Black Sheep Fashion Show

Sara and Steve's dad Paul attempts to take charge of a Black Sheep fashion show, in Culcheth in the 80s.

Black Sheep Wools Delivery Van

Steve parks up at our old Salford store.