Nature's Walk Crochet Along

Nature's Walk Crochet Along


We're delighted to announce that we've launched our third crochet along with the wonderfully talented Cherry Heart.  

Cherry Heart designer Sandra says, "Inspired by my surroundings as I take my daily walks with my dog Bertie, this blanket is a beautiful and relaxing make designed to be soothing and fun. Follow along with us to enjoy each new design and create your own blanket in manageable steps."

The blanket is made up of 48 squares with six separate square designs, free to download weekly. Additionally, we are offering six bonus square designs free with our colour packs. These patterns will be available to download as an additional pdf each week. 

CAL start date, Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Nature's Walk Introduction - download
Getting Ready - download

Nature's Walk Part 1
Nature's Walk Part 2
Nature's Walk Part 3
Nature's Walk Part 4
Nature's Walk Part 5
Nature's Walk Part 6
Nature's Walk Part 7
Nature's Walk Part 8 - released 12th November - DOWNLOAD NOW! 

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