What to make with Scheepjes Whirl?

What to make with Scheepjes Whirl? This is the question and we might just have the answer. If you haven't already witnessed the beauty that is a Scheepjes Whirl let me explain. A Whirl is what the yarn industry describes as a 'yarn cake'. This is because of the way the yarn is wound in a cake like form. The fabulous and most enticing thing about choosing a Scheepjes Whirl is the sensational colour palette you have to behold. Each cake is made up of 1000m of 4ply yarn (cotton and acrylic blend) in a series of coordinating colours that blend seamlessly from one to another. Whoever gets to come up with the shade names has some fun conjuring them up. Find names such as - Melting Macaron, Red Velvet Sunrise and Black Forest Zinger. Pop on over to our website and enjoy clicking each shade to find out what they are called. There are over 50 shades currently on offer, with the release last summer of an ombre collection; consisting of a single shade that flows harmoniously from dark to light. Obviously they are rather eye-catching and are quite beautiful to just sit and ponder over (yes, I often have one or two shades sat on my desk from time to time) but they also look amazing when knitted or crocheted.

We asked our Black Sheep Wools Make-A-Long Facebook group and Black Sheep staff what they have made with a Scheepjes Whirl. There are free patterns, Scheepjes patterns and superb Indie designer patterns to choose from. Sometimes crafty folks stumble upon a design that was initially designed with another yarn, that works up a treat when made with a Whirl. With such good meterage it lends itself perfectly to shawls and blankets.

We had a great response from everyone. Take a look at our selection below and prepare to be inspired! 

Customer Projects in Scheepjes Whirl

Michelle shared a photo of her 'Essence Shawl' knitted in the shade Rocky Road.

Essence Shawl in Scheepjes Whirl - Rocky Road

Emma has crocheted a '12 Point Star blanket' design by Celeste Young on Ravelry in Rosewater Cocktail.

Jean has crocheted a blanket in shade Turquoise Turntable the free Black Sheep pattern by Sara - Seashore Blanket. This is a free pattern with every Whirl purchase.

Seashore Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl - Turquoise Turntable

Jay has been busy crocheting the 'Indigo Shrug' in Melting Macaron.

Indigo Shrug in Scheepjes Whirl - Melting Macaron

Andrea couldn't resist a Whirl for a Virus shawl. She chose to use the shade Jumpin' Jelly.

Scheepjes Whirl - Jumpin' Jelly

Victoria has crocheted a Grinda shawl in the a Frosted Whirl shade Sunny Sundae Sauce.

Scheepjes Whirl - Grinda Shawl

Diane has knitted 'Read Between the Lines' shawl with two balls of Whirl. Using the shades Blackberry Squeeze Me and Lavenderlicious. 

Read Between the Lines Shawl

 Nicki has crocheted the Eldothia Shawl (by Jasmin Räsänen on Ravelry) in Poppin Candy.

Eldothia Shawl in Whirl - Poppin Candy

Emma shared her Sophie's Dream blanket made in a variety of different Whirl shades.

Sophie's Dream Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl

Let’s not forget our latest make-a-long project we collaborated on with Lisa’s Attik - the Peppermint Tea shawl. This beautiful triangular shawl design is a crochet lace pattern with a delicate fringe to finish. This pattern is exclusive to Black Sheep Wools and can be downloaded for free from our website. 

Miriam had fallen for the shade Rosewater Cocktail. Her Peppermint Tea shawl is for display in the shop.

What to make with Scheepjes Whirl?

Just before Stacey left she finished a Peppermint Tea shawl in Forbidden Fuchsia with a pair of beautiful macrame feather earrings to match.

What to make with Scheepjes Whirl?

There are just two more projects to share from Black Sheep staff. Lucy has made a Chevron Lace wrap (design by Tamara Kelly) in the shade Jumpin' Jaffa Pop.

What to make with Scheepjes Whirl?

Finally, Sara's Shellscape shawl in the shade Watermelon Hell Raiser

Shellscape Shawl