Sara's Monthly Project Update - May 2022

Ok so I don’t actually feel like I have accomplished much this month. I did lots of making but didn’t seem to get very far! Here’s what I did make:

Rowan Samples

I spent a week making sample squares from a selection of Rowan yarns for our Rowan spotlight week. I hate talking about a yarn if I haven’t used it and I just don’t have the time to knit with everything – I wish I did. So I knitted squares in Rowan Cotton Wool, Kid Silk Haze, Summerlite 4ply, Denim Revive and Soft Yak DK. It was actually really lovely to lose myself in a simple square, no counting, no looking at a pattern, it was really enjoyable. They are now out on display in the Rowan section so it was also very worthwhile.

Sirdar Stories Hoodstock

Now this seems to have been hanging around a while. I have no excuses, I just haven’t picked it up for ages. I only have half the hood to do so it shouldn’t take too long but I seem to use every trick in the book to work on something else. However I have taken the pledge, I am now not allowed to work on anything else until this, and the Faded Lines, are both completed. 

Sirdar Hoodstock cardigan - crochetShown inside the KnitPro Doctors bag

Faded Lines Shawl

This is our latest make-along, designed by Heike Gittins. It is a beautiful shawl that is so wonderful to knit. I am making the Earth colourway and was making great progress until I decided to knit after a glass or two of wine. I spent most of the next night frogging it – eek! That will serve me right. I am now on the last lace section and I’m excited about the icord cast off!

Faded Lines Shawl

Eve Sweater - Mode Collection Six

I have not yet managed to work on a new season Rowan day and not start something new. Our Spring Summer 2022 day was no exception. The Eve sample garment was crying out for me to try it on, I did and it fitted me perfectly. I just had to pick out colours and cast it on. This is a striped garment and I have only managed one single navy blue stripe so far but I love knitting with Kidsilk Haze so I just need to finish my Hoodstock and Faded Lines and I will be away with it.

Eve Sweater - Mode at Rowan Collection Six

Mode at Rowan Collection Six

Rico Embroidered Tablecloth - Pansies

I am still head over heels in love with embroidery. I pick this up every few days and do a flower or a leaf. It is so restful and relaxing to do. I am not the quickest though so it may take me a while!

Rico Embroidery Tablecloth

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