Sara's Monthly Project Update - June 2022

I don’t feel like I have actually achieved much this month. I was away with girlfriends for five days. I obviously took a project with me (it goes everywhere with me) but actually only knitted on the plane. I then got Covid and just couldn’t concentrate on anything. However when I pulled everything together to write I was amazed, I had done so much more than I thought I had!

Scheepjes Terrazzo Blanket

I love this box of yarn. The mini balls of Scheepjes Terrazzo make me feel so happy. I am making a really simple garter and stocking stitch knitted blanket utilising all the colours. The colours in the box are so beautifully laid out that I am (more or less) following the colour order in the box. I have made a couple of  changes but not many. I am trying to knit a few balls every week when I really don’t feel like concentrating on anything, or I’m drinking wine, drinking and knitting don’t go!

Scheepjes Terrazzo blanket

Scheepjes Sorbet Sweater

I haven’t progressed very far with my Sorbet sweater, I have only done the rib. However I do love it, I love the feel of using both Whirl and Mohair Rhythm together. It feels so soft and is much easier to crochet than I thought it would be. I have had one problem with the yarn – I had to wrestle a ball of Mohair out of Jasper’s mouth (he’s a Golden Retriever by the way) as he and Rocket were both fighting over it.

 Scheepjes Sorbet Sweater

Sirdar Stories Hoodstock Hoodie

Yey, I have almost finished my Hoodstock hoodie. I feel like I have had it on my hook for ages. I am now onto the hood, all the ends are sewn in and it should be finished in the next few days. Look out on social media for a finished photo soon.

Schoppel Zauber Perlen Diffuser Cowl

This was my holiday knitting. A super simple cowl using this stunning set of mini balls of yarn. A blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon, Schoppel Zauber Perlen feels so soft and lends itself perfectly to simple designs. You start this with an i-cord cast on, which is a new technique to me. I love the way it looks but OMG, it took me ages. I have only done about ten cms of the design and I am going to put it away until my next holiday. It is so easy it’s perfect holiday knitting. The pattern for the cowl is a free download here

Schoppel Zauber Perlen - Diffuser cowl

Rico Essentials Cotton DK Granny Squares

This was about all I could manage whilst I had covid so I picked some lovely bright colours of Rico Essentials Cotton DK and I am about to turn them into a bag. Crocheted bags are everywhere, I couldn’t resist making one!

 Granny Squares

Emma Ball zip bag 

Rico Essentials cotton dk granny squares