Creative Christmas - Annaboo's House

As you may have read in previous blog posts we are holding a #BSWCreativeChristmas competition. Basically our Craft Barn tree is looking a  bit bare and would like some crafty creations to help brighten it up. To help with inspiration for your decoration we asked a group of knitting & crochet bloggers to design a decoration or festive ornament.

Today I have a group of 3 characters, designed by Annaboo's House aka Sarah. Sarah's winter dolls are a little family starting with 'Big Pip' measuring around 24cm tall, medium 'Nat' at approximately 16cm tall and 'Baby Mo' at 12cm tall. They are all crocheted, worked in the round and would make beautiful gifts. I could imagine them sat on display by the side of the Christmas tree at home or even sat on the table on Christmas day! All of these patterns can be found on our free patterns page.




We asked Sarah what Christmas means to her.........


What does Christmas mean to you?

To me, Christmas is all about Love. Love for family and friends, neighbours and strangers alike. I think its a wonderful time to share and spread happiness in any little way you can.

Do you always have a crafty Christmas?

I wish I had more time to! I always try to make a few decorations with my children- paper streamers are an easy and endlessly entertaining activity. This year I'd like to make some mini snow-globes using upside-down jam jars and tiny reindeers. I think they'd look great on the Christmas table.

How do you decorate your home?

We are a bit Christmas-mad in my house, so from the 1st of December, we begin to decorate the house, bit-by-bit. Even the downstairs cloakroom gets a touch of sparkle. My Christmas style is a complete mixture. I like classic red, gold and green on the tree, but the rest is a jumble of vintage, modern Scandi-style and things the children have made.



Have you made any hand made gifts this year?

Since teaching myself to crochet a few years back, I have really enjoyed making a few handmade pressies, although never as many as I'd like! This year my children's teachers will be getting a little Winter Doll as a gift.


What is your oldest / most sentimental handmade (or not) decoration?

Most of my decorations are quite modern, but a while back I picked up a bag of 1950's baubles from a charity shop for 50p. I really love the illustrations on them.



Have you ever received a handmade gift? If so what was it?

The most amazing gifts I ever received were hand-knitted blankets from my mum and mother-in-law when I was expecting my first baby . Funnily enough, both blankets used an almost identical leaf-motif pattern. Now my babies are a little older, the blankets are stored away safely. I think receiving something handmade makes it one of your treasured possessions forever.

Thank you to Sarah for making the 'Winter Dolls' pattern. If you do make any decorations or are making festive gifts be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #BSWCreativeChristmas.