Blogger of the month - June 2014

june_of_the_monthWow! It has nearly been 12 months since we started our Blogger of the month feature! In that time we have discovered so many fabulous blogs and it has been great being able to share them with you. I still enjoy looking back at the winning blogs and reading about their latest projects, and what they have been up to in the blogging world. If you have missed one of the months, take a look for yourself in the 'Blogger of the Month' category on the right hand side of this page. There might be a blog you have never heard of before, or one you enjoy following already. Either way we hope you find a further  insight from our blogger interviews.

Our June blogger of the month winner is Made with Loops aka Heike. I sent over the question list to Heike and she promptly sent over her replies with lots of photos attached.

heike blogger of the month june

How long have you been blogging? What made you decide to write a blog?

I started Made with Loops just over two years ago. As long as I can remember I have always been making things. When I left working in London behind and moved to Wales, I was finally able to fulfil my dream of working with yarn. Working for Rowan Yarns as a design consultant and teaching workshops let to starting a knitting group, and writing a blog was the next step. Initially it was to keep a diary for myself, but it has steadily grown into what it is today…a work in progress.


What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)?

I find it impossible to work on just one project at any one time. At the moment I am working on a new knitted shawl design and crochet table centrepiece, as well as my project 2014, which is a knitted blanket, made of all my odd balls of merino DK yarn.



Who taught you to crochet and knit?

Both my grandmother’s taught me, one taught me to knit and the other to crochet. I started when I was about seven years old.

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you knit / crochet?

I generally work in my studio, which is a computer and TV free zone. My radio keeps me entertained throughout the day, usually I swap between Radio 4, Classic FM and Radio 2, depending what time of day it is.


Is there a crocheted project that you treasure? Made by yourself or a handmade gift from a loved one?

I truly treasure all hand made items that I have been given or made myself. Just think of all the work that goes into something made by hand, and all the love and thoughts that the maker puts into the item – priceless!

Do you have a crochet or knitting tip you would like to share?

I have many tips I would love to share, but maybe the most important of all is that it’s all about the finish of an item. A rushed finish can easily ruin what you have spent many hours making – So take your time!

Where do you find inspiration for a new project?

Almost always everything starts with colour and yarn. I see the yarn and the colour and an idea comes to my head. Immediately I start scribbling notes, either in my notebook or on my phone and then the next step is swatching…a lot of swatching. This is followed by knitting or crocheting the item, often having to frog back a few times. I write notes whilst I work, and eventually most things become patterns.


Do you have a favourite project?

My favourite project at the moment is my Project 2014 blanket. I love to sit down in the evening working on it whilst watching some TV. The simple and trusted garter stitch rows provide soothing relaxation at the end of a long day.


What is your favourite item to crochet?

I love the speed of crochet and the fact that I can be really bold and creative with colour. I don’t have a particular favourite thing that I love to make, but anything that will decorate the home is fun to work on.



Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

The best advice someone gave me when I started was: “Write the blog you would want to read” and “Give yourself permission to experiment”. Two great pieces of advice that have helped me find my own style in blog-land.

Do you read any craft magazines? If so do you have a favourite?

I love flicking through magazines over a lovely cup of tea, but my two absolute favourites are Selvedge Magazine and the Edition Paumes Series for endless inspiration.

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