Week 9 Glaziers Lane - A Day Out Knit Along Blanket - Textured knitting stitches galore!

Ta da! It's the final block of A Day Out knit along blanket by Sarah Hatton. Wow, it's been 9 weeks since the first pattern was released. Can you remember casting on that first square? Some how once you start on a project like this the weeks soon go by. How do you feel your knitting journey has progressed over the past 9 weeks? We hope you have found the journey a pleasant one and learnt new things or simply enjoyed knitting the squares.
Without further ado let's give a warm welcome to the 9th and final square of our very first knit along blanket. The home of Black Sheep Wools Craft Barn - Glaziers Lane. 

A Day Out Knit Along - Week 9 Glaziers Lane - Designed by Sarah Hatton

A Day Out Knit Along by Sarah Hatton - Black Sheep Wools

Sarah Hatton has saved a stunner for the final square. There's so much incredible texture to discover - mock cables, knit through the back loop to create a ridge type stitch, travelling cables and bobbles. It's textured knitting stitches galore! There are 8 squares to knit whilst exploring this fabulous stitch pattern. 

A Day Out KAL by Sarah Hatton

Lynne Rowe is back with a brand new video guiding you gracefully through the stitches and techniques included in the square. I don't know about you, but when watching this video for the first time I became mesmerised, just watching the stitches being knitted in this video. It really shows the beauty of a knit and purl stitch, what amazing things you can create once you have grasped the basics of knitting. Hopefully for anyone who has gone a little out of their comfort zone with this blanket, you have enjoyed the weekly challenges and learnt so much more. Most importantly not given up altogether when your patience has been tested frogging (pulling out your knitting) back your square one or two times.

Sara's hints and tips are a helpful read before you cast on. This download can be found along with the pattern download for week 9. Sara has also shared her local history of Glaziers Lane on our Facebook page
If you haven't already joined our Facebook make along group, pop on in there and take a look at all of the other KAL blankets others are making. It's not just about the KAL though, it's a great place to share any of your projects you have made with yarn (or cross stitch) from Black Sheep Wools. 


A Day Out Knit Along by Sarah Hatton