Week 8 Myddleton Lane - A Day Out Knit Along Blanket by Sarah Hatton - Cable knitting and picking up stitches

We are on the penultimate block of A Day Out KAL by Sarah Hatton. Just one more block and then joining and border to go. How do you feel the journey has gone? These weeks do seem to come around quite quickly. We hope you have found the squares enjoyable to knit. Even when things haven't gone right the first time, with a little perseverance and patience (the magic ingredient to all crafting) you should have a good stack of beautiful squares growing beside you. 

A Day Out Knit Along blanket by Sarah Hatton

Week 8 is named after a lane in Winwick - Myddleton Lane, a local village to the Craft Barn. Sarah has designed a second block with the same principle as block 4. It's a small square of cabling with corners of garter stitch. The corners are created by picking up stitches along an edge and then gradually decreasing to form a point. It's a really lovely mix of cables for you to enjoy. 
Each week Black Sheep Sara has been sharing her hints and tips for the square. This week she has described the two outside cables perfectly. Sara says - "the two bigger side cables are meandering cables which change direction in the middle of the square." This is a key point to be mindful of when you reach that part of the pattern. When patterns have slight changes like this you realise just how important it is to have a good read of the pattern before you begin. Sometimes with cables you really can just get in a rhythm of the direction you feel they are going next. This cable keeps you on your toes! 

A Day Out Knit Along Blanket - Week 8 - cable knitting


There isn't a new video from Lynne Rowe this week. If you do want a run down of the techniques used, then look back on Lynne's video for week 4 - Stone Pit Lane on YouTube for a recap. Lynne shows how to knit a cable and pick up stitches along the edge of your square. 

A Day Out Knit Along blanket by Sarah Hatton
Don't forget to watch Sara talk about the local history of Myddleton Lane on our Facebook page