Week 6 Mustard Lane - A Day Out Knit Along Blanket by Sarah Hatton - No turn bobble

Week 6 of A Day Out Knit Along by Sarah Hatton has arrived, named Mustard Lane. We couldn't miss out on the opportunity to name this square Mustard Lane, with the square for this week being a full block of the mustard shade of the Culcheth kit! It's will be a fabulous addition to your knitted blanket.
This block is one of the ones Sarah Hatton highlighted as being a favourite, when we interviewed her about the KAL blanket design. Read this blog post here. 

A Day Out Knit Along by Sarah Hatton

It's a fun one this week with a no turn bobble and a wavy / zig zag relief stitch. A really effective stitch pattern that will add some lovely texture to your blanket. There are 4 squares to knit in the one solid colour. The image below showcases the original 3 colourways - Culcheth (mustard), Croft (purple) and Winwick (copper). 

A Day Out KAL blanket by Sarah Hatton | Black Sheep Wools

Lynne Rowe is back this week to show you how to do the no turn bobble in this week's video. There is the option to follow the chart or written instructions in this pattern. Which will you choose? Has A Day Out KAL encouraged you to use charts more often? Don't forget Lynne covered following a knitting chart in her video for week 3.

Sara has shared her local history video on our Facebook page and you can find her hints and tips for week 6 here. 
Below is a nice photo showing where in the blanket your week 6 squares will fit in. Surrounding by another lovely bobbly block that is coming soon. No spoilers here I'm afraid. Although with only 3 more square designs to go, it doesn't leave many more weeks for it to crop up. 

A Day Out Knit Along blanket by Sarah Hatton