Week 4 Stone Pit Lane - A Day Out Knit Along Blanket by Sarah Hatton - How to knit a cable

How are you finding the KAL so far? Are you keeping up with the weekly pattern instalments? We asked this question on our Instagram stories earlier in the week and it was met by some lovely, positive comments. Many people saying how much they are enjoying trying out new stitches and learning new skills. One or two of you said that you hadn't started yet or were struggling to keep up, but that is fine. It is your blanket to knit and you don't want to rush it and make a mistake. Just enjoy picking it up when you can and working at your own pace. 

A Day Out KAL - Week 4 Stone Pit Lane by Sarah Hatton

It's time for week 4! There is something very exciting to cropping up in this block. Have you spotted it yet? It's the introduction of yarn B into the blanket! So far you will have been using just yarn A  / C or a combination of the two. This week you get to break into not just a new ball of yarn, but a new shade.

Week 4 - Stone Pit Lane. This block is a very clever and effective design from Sarah Hatton. It’s made up of a cabled square with corners created by picking up stitches along a side of the square and decreasing in garter stitch to form a corner. 

A Day Out KAL by Sarah Hatton - Week 4

In the video Lynne Rowe shows you how to follow the knitted cable instructions and how to pick up stitches for the first corner of garter stitch. Make sure you pick up the stitches with Yarn B (mustard) not Yarn A (cream) as Lynne did by accident in the video. 

Sara has been out and about again filming her local history snippet on Stone Pit Lane in Croft. Watch this video on our Facebook page. Before you start knitting a square each week, Sara's hints and tips are a helpful read. These can be found beside the pattern download.


A Day Out Knit Along blanket by Sarah Hatton - Week 4