Treasured - Sara

I am very pleased to be able to share with you two treasured and cherished pieces from Sara. When the treasured project idea first came about, Sara immediately thought of the crocheted 'snuggle' blanket her mum (Black Sheep Carol) made her when she was a little girl. The 'blanket' so to speak is, how can I put this, no longer a complete blanket maybe more like a single granny square or crochet sample. This definitely ticks the box of something that you can never part with that is well and truly treasured. Sara has taken the blanket every where with her over the years. She remembers being little coming home from school on many occasions and the blanket would be washed and much smaller than before. This was when her mum had cut away any pieces that were falling off due to it being a tiny bit over loved. The photo below is the last piece of the blanket which Sara still treasures today. In fact this was Sara's something old when she got married, safely tucked away in her hand bag. It is so nice to think that you could give someone a gift - like a blanket that means even more to them all those years later.

As you can see the blanket has been repaired and stitched back together on many occasions.

The second treasured piece from Sara is the very first thing she ever knitted, a garter stitch scarf made for her dad (Black Sheep Paul). It is hard to believe this was the first thing she ever made, so neat and with no dropped stitches. Fantastic! Sara knitted this when she was about 6 or 7 years old. Paul must have been proud of the scarf as he has kept it safe all these years. When Sara mentioned it to him he knew exactly where he had it stored and brought it in the next day for a photograph. Below is a photograph of Paul wearing his scarf.

If you would like to share your treasured knitted / crocheted or stitched projects please send them to with a photo or two and the story behind it.