Staff Project: Granny Hexagon Cardigan in Stylecraft yarns

To say this pattern has been a hit with Black Sheep staff is an understatement. Four members have staff now have a crochet granny hexagon cardigan. We don't think they will be the last. It's been very popular in our Facebook group too! If you love to crochet and have never ventured into making a garment, this could be the one. 

Pattern: 9965
Yarn & Shades (From left to right): 
Helen - Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK: 3749, 7228, 3744, 3753, 3748, 3747, 3751
Amy - Stylecraft Batik DK: 1917, 1918, 1901 and Stylecraft Bellissima DK: 3921, 7214, 7215, 3922
Rach - Stylecraft Bellissima DK: 3921, 3923, 3928, 3933, 3975, 3934
Lucy - Stylecraft Life DK: 2305, 2416, 2414, 2344, 2319 and Life DK Nepp: 3522, 2499

How did you find the pattern? Did you make any adjustments?
The instructions are clear and really easy to follow. A couple of slight adjustments were made - Helen chose to leave off the gathered cuff and Lucy added extra length to her cardigan. Once you start crocheting this garment you will realise how versatile it is and the many variations you could make.
Top Tip: crochet both of the hexagons in tandem. One round on one, then move to the next hexagon and do the round on that one. That way you will have both finished at the same time ready to start constructing. 

Have you used this yarn before? How did you find it?
Everyone found all of the Stylecraft yarns great to crochet with, no complaints here! Amy said 'I have never used either of the yarns before and found them both smooth on the crochet hook'.

Would you recommend the pattern to someone else?
A resounding YES!!!

Stylecraft Granny Hexagon cardigan - Black Sheep Wools

Crochet Granny Hexagon cardigan
Barbara crocheted both hexagons at the same time when she made Rach's cardigan.


Crochet Hexagon cardigan

The hexagon looks as if you have too many stitches, a little buckled. This is part of the clever construction. Don't be put off you are doing it right.

Crochet Hexagon cardigan - Black Sheep WoolsHelen's cardigan on display in the Craft Barn.