Staff Project: Block Stripe Knitted Jumper in Rowan Brushed Fleece

Black Sheep Amy has knitted a block stripe jumper from the winter Mode at Rowan book Nine. This brushed chunky yarn is perfect for a lightweight, yet chunky knit. The original pattern is knitted in black, charcoal and cream. With 17 shades to choose from in the range there is plenty of temptation to create your own colourway.

Rowan Brushed Fleece

Pattern name: Bond Sweater from Mode Nine book
Yarn: Rowan Brushed Fleece
Shade: 251 Cove, 284 Coraline, 263 Cairn
Size: 28-30"

How did you find the pattern? Did you make any adjustments?
I found the pattern really easy to follow. Apart from almost making the full sleeve in the wrong colour sequence (see Instagram reel 😬) and had to frog it all back and start again. I didn’t have any other issues and that one was my own doing. Must read the pattern properly!

Rowan Brushed Fleece - Mode Nine book
Have you used this yarn before? How did you find it?
I have previously knit a scarf using Rowan Brushed Fleece which is still going strong after many years of wear and washing. A jumper knitted in Brushed Fleece feels so lovely and soft to wear. It’s super lightweight and comfortable.

Would you recommend the pattern to someone else? Would you make it again? 
There was very little shaping in the design, so it would be ideal for those who were looking to knit a garment for the first time. The yarn was easy to use to sew up too. 
I have already bought the gorgeous turquoise (shade: 283 Ross) to make the same jumper in one solid colour. I can’t wait to cast it on!

Rowan Brushed Fleece Bond Sweater