Sara's Monthly Project Update - August and September 2022

I am so sorry I completely forgot to write this last month. The only excuse I have is my menopausal brain!

Rowan Tweed Haze Aloe Top

I am feeling pretty cock a hoop this month as I have recently finished three (yes three) things! The first off my needles was my ‘Aloe’ top in Rowan Tweed Haze. This was a wonderfully quick make, just four balls of the beautiful chunky mohair blend and it knitted up in less than a week. I love it!

I did my tension square and was one stitch out so I went up a needle size. I used a 6mm for the rib and a 7mm for the body. I chose different colours to the pattern, mine is knitted in a gorgeous khaki with a gold trim. I have worn it a lot already!

Rowan Tweed Haze Aloe top

Sara in Rowan Tweed Haze Aloe top


Easy Knit Terrazzo Blanket

I then finished off the Scheepjes Terrazzo Blanket. I think this is one of my favourite ever makes! I used the Terrazzo box of 60 mini balls and got so much happiness from whizzing through them. I could knit three balls in a night if I really cracked on! 

It is a really easy make. Just the project to pick up if you want mindless knitting after a long day. I used my own design for this blanket and there is a free copy of the pattern with every box. 

The blanket is beautifully colourful, soft and snuzzly. It is big enough to be a real winter warmer too. I just love it!

Scheepjes Terrazzo blanket

Scheepjes Terrazzo blanket


Stylecraft Re-Create Tank Top

I actually cast this project on in March so it has been lying around for a while. It is a lovely design in a recycled yarn. There is a cable up the front and the back of this top but I decided to leave the back one out. I started it on a flight to Portugal to visit my Mum & Dad for Mother’s Day and I didn’t want to faff about with a cable needle on the plane. 

I picked it up again a few weeks ago and soon finished it off. The pattern (9857) is really easy to follow and the yarn Stylecraft Recreate Dk is 100% recycled and a great price too. I used the colour Rose, which is an unusual choice for me but I have had some great comments on how the colour suits me.

Stylecraft ReCreate Dk tank top

 *Finished photo coming soon - Sara had managed to spill her tea on it!*

Inovec Sweater

This is my new ‘cast on’ this month. It is a pattern from Beautiful Knitters, a local yarn shop in London - Inovec sweater, designed by Karin Fernandes. I haven’t been to this shop but it has a fabulous reputation! Definitely one to visit.

This sweater is knitted in Noro Ito, a luxury Japanese yarn "Ito means both 'yarn' and 'young' in Japanese - Ito is yarn reborn” said Noro himself. It is made from 100% wool and is so full of colour you can’t count them all. I have been looking for the perfect project for it and I think this is it. It’s a simple top down sweater, featuring clever slipped stitches and short row shaping, a technique I want to get better at. I haven’t done much of it yet but what I have done I have enjoyed!

Inovec sweater - Image from RavelryInovec Sweater - Image from Ravelry