Looking through Rowan Magazine 66

When the new Rowan Magazine arrives you know that it's a pattern book that you will enjoy picking up many times over the coming months. Your initial wish list will gradually evolve as new designs catch your eye with every flick through. The latest edition is Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 66. This arrived in store on a sunny day in August, full of fabulous, warm autumn winter pieces. Not exactly what you are imagining wearing anytime soon on a rare hot day in summer. However, skip ahead only a few weeks to a frosty morning in early October and you can't help but wish that you had cast on a winter knit sooner.
With 24 designs to enjoy, Rowan cover varying skill levels and styles. There are garments for men and women, plus ladies accessories too.
Back in August we filmed a video of Sara taking a look through the book page by page. A really nice video for anyone who is considering buying the book to take a look inside. 

Black Sheep staff have taken a little look through Rowan Magazine 66 and have each chosen their favourite project. 

Carmen chose the 'Rattigan' cardigan knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed. She said that she would keep the main shade the same but opt for the red shade Rage for the border colour ad pocket.

Rowan Magazine 66 - Rattigan

Lucy picked the sweater 'Morrison' for the texture and cosy high neck design. Knitted in Rowan Alpaca Soft DK this would be beautifully soft to wear.

Morrison - Rowan Magazine 66

Onto dare we say it, a non-knitter Jayne. Jayne is the Craft Barn manager who enjoys admiring knitwear. She has knitted a scarf and we are sure she does actually have a huge yarn stash at home. Her pick is the 'Breeze' jacket from the complementary Rowan Focus booklet. Knitted in a luxury combination of Island Blend and Cashmere Haze.


I also found my favourite garment in the Rowan Focus booklet. Although there are many stunning designs in the main Rowan Magazine, it was 'Mild' that looked to snuggly to resist.

Mild - Rowan Magazine 66

Barbara's choice is a men's sweater 'Holtby' in Felted Tweed which she would make for her husband. There is a simple Fair Isle effect on this sweater that creates a gradient look as the two shades blend.

Holtby - Rowan Magazine 66

Sara went for 'Wollstonecraft' knitted in Alpaca Soft DK. Sara likes the wearable style of the cardigan and loves the colour.

Rowan Magazine 66

Nic, who works in the office is another non-knitter. She likes to pick out hypothetical knitting projects when she is adding products online. In a few weeks she is going to attending a learn to crochet workshop, so knitting might be next! Her pick is the 'Shelley' wrap knitted in Felted Tweed.

Rowan Magazine 66

Last but not least Tracey's favourite pick from Magazine 66 - Rhythm. A v-neck cardigan with bobble texture down both sleeves. A cosy cardigan in Rowan Island Blend. Tracey said she would knit it in the cream shade.