Peppermint Tea Shawl Make Along

A few months ago I was trawling Instagram, like you do, and I was stopped in my tracks. I follow lots of crochet and knitting designers and am always amazed and inspired by what I see. However   this was different. I knew straight away I had to make what I had seen and I had to do it straight way! What made me stop? It was the beautiful ‘Shellscape’ scarf by designer Lisa Cook from Lisa’s Attik. I bought the pattern from Ravelry straightaway , picked up a cake of Scheepjes Whirl in ‘Watermelon Hell Raiser’, my trusty crochet hook and made the most delicious scarf.

Shellscape Shawl

I was so impressed, the pattern was super easy to follow  and It became a finished project relatively quickly. I got slightly distracted by the Rowan Martin Storey Knit-along, but that’s another story. 

Peppermint Tea Shawl by Lisa's Attik

As you know I love a make along so I decided to contact Lisa and see if we could work together. We got along like a house on fire and, although we have yet to meet face to face (we are working on it) to my delight she said yes and here we are. Welcome to the new Black Sheep Wools Make-along ‘Peppermint Tea’ . A beautiful crocheted, triangular shawl in Scheepjes Whirl. The perfect project for sunny days. It’s not so easy it’s boring but it’s not so complicated you’ll give up. It’s the perfect pattern for a sunny day.

Peppermint Tea Triangle Shawl

Now I go on holiday next week and this is going to be my holiday project. We will be doing it as a make-along in our Black Sheep Wools Make-A-Long Facebook group but as always, there’s  no pressure and it won’t be a race. It will just be like- minded people enjoying creating something together.

Peppermint Tea Shawl Pattern

As the name suggests the sample swatch of this shawl was crocheted in the peppermint themed shade of 'Murderous Mint' but you can make it in any colour you like. I currently have ‘Sea Breeze Tease’ (the shade used for the pattern), Jade JimJam and Citrus Squeeze on my desk and I need to pick just one and it’s so difficult! 

Scheepjes Whirl