Nature's Walk CAL Update

How are you getting on with your Nature's Walk CAL blanket? Which colour pack did you choose? You might have even selected your own colour palette. This is all part of the fun of a crochet along, it's up to you. The patterns have been released weekly. Some people prefer to get straight to it every week, others work at their own pace or decide to collect the patterns for a future project. The nice thing is that you can share your progress with others, knowing that there is a community of people all over the world taking part too. We have set up a dedicated Facebook group for you to chat about the CAL with fellow crocheters and share your progress. 
Are you squares blocked in perfect shape? This weeks pattern release is the joining. Cherry Heart's joining of the squares is so pristine, highlighting the beauty of each individual square. Then you will be ready for the final border week. How dreamy is the filet heart design. 

Sara has been making her squares. We filmed a video in the earlier weeks of the CAL and one this Monday (4th November) before the release of part 7. As Sara is using one of our exclusive colour packs she is also crocheting the bonus square designs. These are emailed out to everyone who purchased a colour pack on a Tuesday as the regular weekly square is released online. As a side note, Cherry Heart will be selling the bonus squares as downloadable patterns in the New Year. They will however continue to be available with our colour packs.
Sara has been busy starting new projects and the Rozeta CAL so she is catching up with her squares. Like she says in her video it is a marathon not a sprint. It is nice to enjoy such beautiful crochet. 

Watch Sara's Nature's Walk CAL update part 1

 Followed by Sara's Nature's Walk CAL update part 2

Black Sheep Carmen made the sample blanket we have on display in store for the Sweet Meadow Nature's Walk colourway. She loved using the Stylecraft Bellissima yarn and said that she would happily crochet with the yarn again. Carmen also praised Sandra Paul for her detailed pattern writing skills -"She covers everything, no detail is left out". Including mini how to photo snippets throughout. If you are new to filet crochet pop on over to her YouTube channel for a rundown of the technique.

Sweet Meadow - Nature's Walk CAL

The finished Sweet Meadow blanket in Stylecraft Bellissima.

Nature's Walk Sweet Meadow Blanket