Cup of tea anyone?

The building work is well under way here at the Black Sheep Craft Barn. For those of you who have been shopping at the Craft Barn and wondered where that odd drilling noise was coming from, well it is the builders working away. What is it they are doing you ask? Well, I will let you in on a little secret, this area is going to be split into two rooms - one of which will be a class room (very exciting!) and the other a tea room. Once the rooms are up and running we will be holding more of the popular Rowan courses including learn to crochet, learn to knit and professional finishing techniques. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy the course in the comfort of the class room.  The tea room will provide an area to take a break and ponder your latest project over a 'brew'.

The photo below was taken before the builders arrived, when the warehouse space was being cleared. An area where the packets of yummy wool used to lie. Many of which are quite possibly on your needles as we speak. While the others have now found a new home (different warehouse space) and are safely awaiting their knitting / crocheting fate.

Keep an eye out for more updates here on the blog. I will keep you posted with any more photos!