Can I Take my Knitting or Crochet on a Plane?

Every year as the holiday season approaches this is the number one question in our Facebook Make Along Group. What better way to while away hours of boring flight time, and for nervous flyers it’s a great way to regulate and relax. Aeroplane flights seem like the perfect time to crack out the holiday knitting, crochet or stitching, but is it actually allowed?

The quick answer is yes. But before you start packing yarn and needles into your hand luggage, there are a few things to consider, particularly when it comes to airport security who have the final say.

The UK Government guidance states that knitting needles are not restricted items at UK airports. You can find the information in the ’Travel Abroad’ section of We recommend printing the page, or taking the link to show security staff if you are challenged. You can also email the airline or the airport for their policy, and take their response with you. Ultimately though the decision is down to individual airport security and be aware that when flying back back from another country the guidance may be different. 

It’s good to know that the majority of passengers knit or crochet in the air with no problems. To ensure this is your outcome you’ll need to prepare:

Knitters are best not to take long metal needles, wooden, plastic or bamboo are generally more acceptable or interchangeable circular needles. Circulars are also good as they’re less likely to poke the person sitting next to you; plus you can’t drop and lose a needle!

Crochet Hook Set

Crocheters generally have less issues as hooks are shorter, but it might be a good time to try a change of hook if you use plain metal ones. We recommend wooden or a hook with a silicone handle - both are easier on the hands for extended periods of crocheting on long flights.

Small scissors are allowed on flights but can still sometimes be confiscated. We recommend taking children’s round ended scissors, nail clippers, tooth floss dispenser or one of our thread cutters.  

Interchangeable Knitting Needles

There is still a small chance that your needles may be confiscated, so it’s good to have a backup plan. If you’re putting a larger case in the hold, then pack your normal needles, notions and a larger project in there, for the plane a smaller project is perfect. Take cheaper accessories on the flight that you are prepared to lose if they are unfortunately not allowed. This is less of a problem with crochet as you only have one loop to secure. If you have to remove the needles from your knitting we suggest adding a life-line at home (putting a length of different yarn through your live stitches to hold them) or removing tips from your interchangeable cable and adding end caps (these come with all cables). We’d recommend not seeking security staff out directly to ask them, as if they don’t know the rules, it is understandable that they will say no.

Crafting on a plane can be a wonderful way to pass the time and indulge in our fave hobbies. Just remember to keep your yarn in a bag, you don’t want it rolling the length of the aeroplane during take off or landing!  Happy crafting, and safe travels.

Aeroplane wing in flight