Betwixtmas 2021 - Knitted Shawl or Crocheted Shawl

It's Betwixtmas time again! Can you believe that 2021 is our fourth year of sharing a Betwixtmas shawl pattern? We love sharing a little festive treat with you all, it's become a very jolly tradition. Something fabulous to make on those lazy, hazy days in between Christmas and new year. As Sara describes it perfectly, "A time for old movies, Christmas treats and indulgent knitting". Sara enjoys settling down with one of her favourite Christmas movies and enjoying a relaxing make. Did you know that you can still find the shawl patterns for 2018, 2019 and 2020 under the "Inspiration" section on our website?

Betwixtmas 2021 - Knitted Shawl or Crocheted Shawl
Well this year, do we have a special treat for you. We not only have a knitted Betwixtmas shawl, we also have a crocheted Betwixtmas shawl! Both have been designed by Lynne Rowe. Lynne has designed the shawls beautifully to reflect one another in overall appearance. 

Bewtixtmas Shawl 2021 - Black Sheep Wools

Lynne says, "This year we aim to create both a knit and crocheted version so that everyone could join in. I designed the knit version first using simple stitches for a relaxing knit, then for the crochet version I tried different stitch combinations to create a similar look and feel. The treble/half treble combination worked well and my favourite part about both shawls are the frilled edges, which finish them off perfectly!"

Betwixtmas 2021 - Knitted Shawl

As always the pattern is available to download for free from our website for everyone to join in with whatever DK yarn they choose. We do however, have a selection of rather delectable kits to choose from too.

Betwixtmas Shawl 2021 - Black Sheep Wools
The shawls each use two hanks of Fyberspates Vivacious DK in contrasting colours. We have put together 4 different colourways of kits with the option of a knitted or crocheted kit for each colourway. The difference in kits being the very pretty and mesmerising snowflake stitch marker, made by Fripperies and Bibelots. One is a lobster claw stitch marker (for crochet) and the other a ring (for knitting). A printed pattern is included as part of the kit, which is a fab little booklet with both patterns inside. So if you can knit and crochet and decide to change your mind and knit the shawl, rather than crochet or vice versa, you can do, as all of the pattern is there for you. 

Betwixtmas 2021 - Knitted Shawl - Black Sheep Wools

We hope you love the shawls as much as we do. Now to decide whether to make the knitted shawl or crocheted shawl and what shade?

Betwixtmas 2021 designed by Lynne Rowe - Black Sheep Wools

Watch the video below of Sara sharing the shawls for the first time in the 4 colour combinations of Fyberspates Vivacious DK.