UFO pledge 2021 - Finishing off knitting and crochet projects

Here at Black Sheep Wools we want to share our love and joy of knitting, crochet and needlecraft with everyone. Being quite the enthusiastic bunch of crafters we like to share what we have been making, offer advice and help one another at Black Sheep HQ. There’s often a stitch that has been dropped that can be resurrected at lunch time with a fellow knitter. For customers our Craft Barn is somewhere for to get expert advice in person (when we are open again) and support with any knitting and crochet mishaps. Since starting our Facebook make along group over two years ago now, we have grown our Black Sheep community virtually, where both staff and customers enjoy sharing and chatting about their makes and yarn plans. Last summer we introduced #finishedforfriday as a fun way to give everyone that little boost that we often need to get over the final hurdle to finish a project. And #wipthisway to showcase a project currently on your needle and hooks or a beautiful hank of yarn in waiting. We’re all here to cheer each other on!

At the beginning of 2021 Sara took a look at all of her squirrelled bags of unfinished projects and decided enough was enough. January felt like the perfect time to do something about it. She really must get some of her unfinished objects (UFO’s) completed before she begins something new. There’s only so many places you can find to house these UFO’s. With new season yarns and pattern books approaching (and a very exciting project from Black Sheep in the pipeline ;)). Sara has decided to make a pledge. To finish a number of UFO’s before starting something new in a month's time. It doesn’t have to be a month, but this seemed like a reasonable enough amount of time to not be tempted to start new. After all we can’t watch all of the new yarns and patterns pass us by! How do you fancy joining Sara and making the UFO pledge too? We’ve even got a certificate of achievement to print off when you are done. Head on over to our UFO pledge page for the pledge poster or square for social media and share your number. Don’t forget to include #ufopledge2021 so that we can all see how you are getting on.

Sara’s pledge is to finish 5 of her UFO’s in the next 4 weeks. She’s got projects old and new, including Matt’s socks. Matt is Sara’s husband and he will quite often remind her about his knitted socks. Here is one so far in the Urth Uneek sock kit.

Urth Uneek Sock Kit - 58

The Eclectic jumper by Cassie Ward from A Missing Yarn was a garment started in January. It's our latest make along in our Facebook Make Along group. It was a fun stash buster for new year. Sara is making her jumper in Yarn Stories Merino and Alpaca DK. If you watch Sara's pledge video here you will see how lovely it is crocheting up. 

Sara's Rowan Tweed sweater had been on her needles for about 8 years! This is her oldest UFO and one that she was determined to get finished. It just needs that sudden burst of 'I will do this' to stop from being hidden away once again. Sara has done just that and finished it last week. She amended the yolk to a simple colourwork that looks really effective. The yarn is Rowan Tweed and the pattern is from the book Rowan Tweed which are now discontinued. 

Always tempted back to a ZickZack scarf, Sara has one in Stylecraft Cabaret that needs finishing. A ZickZack with sparkle, yes please!

Zickzack scarf in Stylecraft Cabaret
Sara's final UFO pledge item is a beautiful sweater from Kim Hargreaves - Winter book. Knitted in Rowan Merino Aria the Whiteout sweater is a proper cosy winter knit. Sara has opted to lengthen the sweater for a better fit. Keep an eye out for Sara wearing this on one of her Facebook videos soon.
Winter by Kim Hargreaves

Winter by Kim Hargreaves - Black Sheep Wools
Sara admits that she does have one or two more UFO's lurking, but she is being realistic and not overwhelming herself with too many to finish all at once. 
We can't wait to see how you get on and hope this helps to spur you on to finish some old projects, ready for some new. Don't forget to celebrate with our certificate of achievement!