The Kayli Blanket - a new crocheted blanket

Hellooooo Kayli blanket! What a wonder you are! We all get so excited when a new blanket is finished at Black Sheep Wools. Sara enjoys choosing the shades, we all like to imagine how they will work together, then before you know it, she has crocheted away on the blanket (speed crocheter!) and it is finished. This is exactly what happened with the new Kayli blanket. Sara chose the very effective v stitch to showcase a magical array of shades. The way the colours almost merge together in the stitch is reminiscent of the sweet treat that inspired it.
Inspired by kayli (sherbet) that Sara used to enjoy as a child. Sara says, "A bag of rainbow sherbet crystals that tasted deliciously sweet and sharp. You dipped in either a lollipop or licorice stick and it was amazing."

Kayli blanket in Scheepjes Colour Crafter

The blanket is crocheted in Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn which Sara found a joy to work with. Sara says, "If you haven’t used the Colour Crafter you really are in for a treat. It’s 100% premium acrylic and its super soft. It feels good in the ball but even better when it’s crocheted, it feels almost cool to touch. I love it and I’ve used it a lot recently". 

Ooh just look at that yummy swirl of crochet! This is a great blanket design for those who are ready to branch out with their crochet after learning the basics. With the basic stitches in your repertoire, such as chain, treble and double crochet you should be able to take on the challenge. Once you have grasped the flow of the stitch pattern you can mindfully glide your way through this beautiful blanket. There is something so lovely about a blanket such as this, when suddenly you don't need to be checking back to the pattern so regularly. You can pick it up and do the odd row or two here and there. 

Kayli Blanket | Black Sheep Wools

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Kayli Blanket - Black Sheep Wools