Staff Project: Scheepjes Borderlines Jumper in Scheepjes Chunky Monkey yarn

Now hands up, I’m not very good at making things for other people, I’m a very selfish knitter. It took me over 3 years, maybe 4, to make Matt a pair of socks. I have a shawl for my mum that’s been on the needles for two years and have just finished the first thing I’ve knitted for Madeleine since she was a baby. Say hello to the Borderlines jumper knitted in Scheepjes Chunky Monkey (2017 Stone and 2005 Navy). It’s a cracker!

I can’t actually remember when I started this but at least 12 months ago. Initially I only took home one ball of each colour of the yarn, why I did that I really don’t know. When I tried to get some more we’d run out! I know, I was kicking myself. The colour was also out of stock at Scheepjes and it took ages to come back in by which time I was tempted by so many other things – Sunday Sweater I’m looking at you.

Fed up of being ‘reminded’ every time I started something new Madeleine wore me down, I picked it back up, restarted it completely and finished it in about three weeks. It’s a super pattern, really easy, well explained and grows really quickly. The stripes on the sleeves and the body magically match up and the raglan matches up perfectly. The yarn is also really easy to knit with, it’s soft and the colour collection is fab, so many choices. It’s a great priced yarn too.

The only complaint I have is that the photo on the front of the pattern. The jumper is shown being worn back to front which is confusing when the shaping looks different to that given on the pattern. However if you overlook that it’s pretty perfect.

I knitted the small size, my tension was bang on and it fits perfectly. It has already been worn and is a huge hit!