Staff Project: Knitted Tunic in Rowan Creative Linen

If you ever want advice on your knitting, Carmen is your girl. She knits continental, can knit in the round, pretty much any knitting pattern she would tackle. 

Carmen's latest knit for summer is a tunic knitted in Rowan Creative Linen from Rowan Magazine 75. For the photos Carmen layered it over a long sleeve top, this shows the versatility of the design. Although it is featured in a summer magazine, there are many ways you could style it for cooler months. 
Let's see what Carmen had to say about knitting the pattern. 

Pattern name: Tumble from Rowan Magazine 75 
Yarn: Rowan Creative Linen
Shade number / name: 631 Raspberry
What size did you make? 32-24

How did you find the pattern? Did you make any adjustments?
I went down a needle size to achieve the tension.I felt like the yarn knits up big. It’s an enjoyable pattern to knit, with enough interest in particular the textured panel.

Have you used this yarn before? 
It was my first time using the Creative Linen. It felt a bit strange at first, a bit hard almost with it being linen but it soon softened up as I got into knitting it. I haven’t washed it yet and it feels perfectly fine. Sarah, our in store Rowan expert suggested washing the garment when finished to make it feel much softer.

Describe the finished fit of your finished garment (e.g - does it fit like how you would have hoped? / does it look like the photo on the pattern)
I made a smaller size than the clothes size I would wear as I didn’t want an oversized look. The model on the pattern photo is wearing a belt to cinch in at the waist. I know this isn’t how I would wear it so I chose to size down. It is always worth taking a good look at photos on a pattern to check out details like that.