Spring Stitch Along - Hints and Tips

If you are joining our spring stitch along then read through Sara's hint and tips before you start making your chosen Bothy Threads felt embroidery kit.

  1. Firstly read the instructions. This sounds obvious but it is something I am guilty of so often. I skip through and do what I THINK I should do, not what I should actually do. The instructions are really clear and well explained. Read them through before you do anything and then read each step again before you do it.
  2. Use sharp scissors. It will make cutting the felt so much easier. If they need a bit of a sharpen scrunch up some tin foil and cut it a few times before you use them.
  3. When cutting out the shapes, don’t use the point of the scissors use the bit where they join. You will be more accurate this way.
  4. Pop all your bits in a bag when you’ve cut them. The small bits are really easy to lose.
  5. Make sure you sew on the felt pieces the right way round, it’s really easy to get them mixed up.
  6. I always leave a tail of embroidery silk when I finish. I leave it long enough that I could thread it through a needle and fasten it off again.
  7. Take you fabric off the hoop when you are not working it. It should stop it stretching.