Sara's Yarn Review: Cotton Revive

Cotton Revive is the new yarn launch from Rowan this season. It’s no secret that I love Rowan yarns and I couldn’t wait to get some of this on the needles. 

Rowan Cotton Revive

It’s made from a blend of 80% recycled cotton and 20% other recycled fibres which are sourced from colourful textile scraps, fabrics and used clothes. Now what I found really interesting is that these recycled fabrics are sorted into colours appropriate to the shades of yarn. This is so they don’t need to be overdyed which makes the finished fabric softer. 

There are ten shades in 100g balls with a 250 metres on each one. This means that at just £7.95 per ball it’s not going to break the bank. It has a unique tubular construction which is perfect for both knitting and crochet. It would also be fab for beginners as it won’t split whilst you are using it. 

The palette is soft with some colours that bIend together like a summer’s day and then stronger monochrome and a pop of bright terracotta and teal. 

Rowan Cotton Revive

I cast on a few stitches and had a knit, I worked a few rows of garter stitch and then a row of lace and I had to stop. Don’t worry – it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I loved it. It glides along the needles, gives great stitch definition and the lace was open and texture beautiful. I just wanted to crochet it, I kept looking at the colours and thought they’d make a great granny square. Guess what? They do!

So my verdict on Colour Revive is that Rowan have a winner on their hands. It works so well for either craft, plus the pattern book is fab too.