Sara's Monthly Project Update - June 2024

I’m supposed to write a project update for our blog every month. However I’ve been very remiss for such a long time so here’s my first one in a very long time.

As you would expect I have worked on, and fallen in love with so many projects in the last few weeks.

Flax Sweater in James C Brett Croftland Aran

This was a make along in spring of last year - Flax Sweater by Tin Can Knits and I still haven’t finished it. I can’t remember why I abandoned it, I assume something else caught my eye.

I picked it up and actually pulled back some of the body and made it a little shorter. The joy of a top down sweater is it’s so easy to try on and adjust, I just wish I’d tried it on a little earlier as I had to take back about 10cms. I then started the sleeves but I think I used the wrong size needle as I could see a distinct line where I’d picked up my stitches. So I pulled this back too, and that’s where I’ve left it for now.

The yarn I used is James C Brett Croftland Aran, wow! It’s such lovely soft yarn that gives great stitch definition and is a pleasure to use. It’s a brilliant price and goes such a long way!

Noro Garter Stitch Sweater

This is my finished project of the month. This is such a simple and effective make. If you want a pattern that’s really easy and effective then this is it. You knit 4 squares, sew them together and pick up the sleeves and knit. Sew the seams and you’re good to go.

The Noro SIlk Garden yarn is absolutely delicious, the silk makes it so soft and the colours blend seamlessly together, you feel like you are creating something really special. It is a luxury yarn but this pattern could also be knitted in any other standard aran yarn. The other fab reason to take a closer look at this pattern is that it’s also completely FREE to download.

My top tip for this pattern is to label each square when you’ve finished it. I think I got mine mixed up and have one of them the wrong way around, meaning my neck is a bit baggy!

It’s on the blocking mats at the moment so I’ll show it off properly in a few days.

Rainbow Dots Blanket from Scheepjes

This crocheted blanket is a surprise gift for my eldest daughter to take away to university and I absolutely love it! It’s completely addictive. It’s made using a box of the Scheepjes Metropolis minis which is a luxury blend of 75% merino wool and 25% nylon, it’s also machine washable which is crucial for a students blanket!

The pattern is a Scheepjes After Party and is an easy to learn crochet design. Each square is in a different colour and joined as you go into strips. They crochet up really quickly, meaning you can finish a few balls a night! I’m two strips down with six to go!

Stripey Mohair Sweater in Rowan Kid Silk Haze

This is my latest love! It’s a mish mash of a design I have seen online on a Norwegian deisgners Instagram. Knitteriet have the most amazing designs in a brilliant, bright palette. However I have been unable to find English translations of their patterns so my latest project is an interpretation of one of their designs.

I’m using a Rowan pattern "Cobalt" as my base. It is a round necked sweater using Rowan Kidsilk Haze double, however I am making a few amends. I’m making it on larger needles, I’ve done a thinner welt, will make it drop shoulder and possibly make the sleeves wider – depending on how much yarn I have left.

I’ve chosen  9 shades of yarn and am making my stripes 4 rows wide and just mixing up the colours as I go along. It knits up really quickly. I did the back in two nights.

If you don’t fancy a mohair I think this would also work in a single strand of Grace Aran or two strands of James C Brett Shhh.