Sara's Jumper Journey - Garter Stitch Sweater in Noro Silk Garden Aran

Noro yarns are legendary within the knitting world. Mr Noro, the creativity behind the brand, was a true artist taking his inspiration from Japanese nature. The colours are distinctive and the loose spin on the natural fibres creates a luxury yarn that’s unique.
Noro Silk Garden Aran
For some reason I haven’t knitted or crocheted in Noro for a while and it was delightful using it again. Now I wasn’t in the market for a new WIP, I have just finished the Sunday Sweater and need to work on Madeleine’s Scheepjes Borderline sweater. She will not forgive me if I don’t finish it soon. But I showed the yarn to a customer, I talked to her about the colours, the feel and I showed her some patterns on my phone. You can guess the rest. I fell in love and it was futile to resist.
Noro Silk Garden - Garter Stitch Sweater
I cast on the Noro Chevron Sweater in Silk Garden Aran that night. The pattern is a free download and such a simple design. This is a TV knit if ever there was one. You knit four rectangles and then add sleeves. It knits up so fast, it took me two nights to make the first square.
Noro Silk Garden Aran
The yarn is a luxurious blend of 10% wool, 45% mohair and 45% silk, it’s soft and easy to knit, the silk means it glides along your needles. It’s perfect when paired with my Lykke needles.