Sara's July Projects Catch Up

Sara has started and also continued so many projects in the past month. You know how it is, a new yarn catches your eye, a scroll through Instagram tickles your taste buds or someone posts a dazzling photo of their finished project on the Black Sheep Wools Make-A-Long Facebook group. She has gathered them all together in one place for her 'July Projects Catch Up' video. These are the projects that are on the go, it's not including all of the balls of yarn gathered as potential future makes. 

There are so many new yarns dropping in the office at the moment, along with new patterns and books. The temptation is all around us! Wait until you see what has jumped into Sara's project bag for August.
Have you tried any of the yarns Sara is talking about in the video? Or made a ZickZack scarf? Share your photos with us on Instagram #blacksheepwools.