Mindful Crochet with Lynne Rowe

We have teamed up with crochet designer and workshop tutor Lynne Rowe to bring you a series of Mindful Crochet tutorials. Join us and be Mindful in May.
Lynne is a big advocate of mindfulness, having previously worked with Betsan Corkhill on the book - Knit Yourself Calm. Lynne enjoys practicing mindful techniques alongside her knitting and crocheting. Enabling her to disconnect and really focus her mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
In the videos below you can learn to crochet whilst introducing mindful practices. Lynne has such a soothing and calm voice that you will instantly focus on her every word. The videos are an interesting watch for those who can already crochet and those who wish to learn.
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In part 1 Lynne talks about getting to grips with holding your yarn and hook and making a chain stitch.

In part 2 Lynne begins to introduce a mindful mantra for a double crochet stitch. Focusing on your breathing and the flow of the crochet.

Lynne has two mindful workshops coming up in June at the Craft Barn in Warrington. There is Mindful Knitting on the morning of Saturday 29th June and Mindful Crochet in the afternoon.

Keep up to date with Lynne Rowe over on her blog and Instragram (the_woolnest).