Introducing our first Knit Along Blanket - A Day Out KAL

We are very excited to announce our very first knit along. It’s hard to believe this will be our first knit along. In 2015 we launched our first crochet along with Cherry Heart, the infamous Spice of Life blanket. Today it is still a popular choice for many seasoned crocheters and a perfect beginners crochet project.
For our first knit along we wanted a blanket design, full of exciting stitches and techniques for a big cosy knitting project. A design to test your knitting skills and maybe add in something new along the way. After all it is a knit along, why not pick up a new skill as you knit along?

A Day Out KAL

We tasked the exceptionally talented knitwear designer, Sarah Hatton with conjuring up a magnificent blanket design for us and what a wonderful blanket she has designed. Sarah sent initial swatch ideas to Sara via email, yarns were selected along with a colour palette and Sarah worked away on the design. Then the day arrived when we had a rather exciting parcel to open, Sarah had posted her finished blanket. A feast of incredible stitches and textures. The blanket features 9 different square patterns and a pattern for the border. You will knit a number of each different square and then sew it together before knitting the border. Each pattern will be released weekly as a free download from our website, for you to knit along. The first pattern will be released on 9th March. There will be how to videos for some of the techniques from Lynne Rowe including mosaic knitting, working from a chart and cabling. These videos will be published on our YouTube channel and Facebook page to coincide with that week's square.

A Day Out KAL - Black Sheep Wools Knit Along

Sarah Hatton described the blanket - "When designing the blanket, I was really keen to create a journey with the techniques I used. The idea was to help the knitter gain confidence and brave new techniques. The blanket includes simple textures, cabling, bobbles, mosaic knitting and a square with an option to work in the round in the hope people will enjoy the small steps in learning. The blanket has a simple colour palette and geometric patterning to create a simple modern feel that would look at home in most interiors."

A Day Out Knit Along blanket

Coming up with a name for the blanket was a fun task. It’s always a tricky one and we do tend to get everyone involved to give their ideas. After much deliberation (and many names thrown out there) we decided on ‘A Day Out’. During lockdown a day out is something we have enjoyed having a daydream about. The ‘day out’ we have in mind for our blanket is a day trip to Black Sheep Wools Craft Barn. There are 3 colourways to choose from, each named after local villages around the Craft Barn - Culcheth, Croft and Winwick. With 4 different blanket packs, x2 for Culcheth - Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran or Stylecraft Special Aran, Croft - Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran and Winwick - Stylecraft Special Aran. Each square has been named after local lanes and roads, that you might find yourself travelling down to make your way to the Craft Barn.

A Day Out KAL

If you would prefer to choose your own colour palette, then take it away. There are so many gorgeous colour combinations you could make with 3 shades of Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran or Stylecraft Special Aran. Alternatively, If you have a favourite aran weight yarn you could also choose this. Below are the yarn amounts required. We have put together a shopping list for you here.

Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran

Yarn A - 16 x 50g balls

Yarn B - 12 x 50g balls

Yarn C - 5 x 50g balls

Stylecraft Special Aran

Yarn A - 8 x 100g balls

Yarn B - 6 x 100g balls

Yarn C - 3 x 100g balls

A Day Out Knit Along by Sarah Hatton | Black Sheep Wools

Over the coming weeks as the patterns are released Sara will be visiting the locations of the lanes. Sharing a bit of local history. along with a photo of the lane in the Cheshire countryside. Fingers crossed it’s not raining!

The first pattern will be released on 9th March 2021.

Sara filmed a short video for Facebook to introduce the new knit along. Showing off each of the blankets. Watch the video now on YouTube below -

We hope you are looking forward to knitting the blanket as much as we are. There will be lots of chatter about the KAL in our Facebook make along group and you can share your progress pics with us on Instagram by tagging @blacksheepwools or using the hashtag