Grinda Crochet Shawl - Join in our latest Make Along

Have you already finished your Grinda shawl? Perhaps you are already onto Grinda shawl number two? For anyone who didn’t hear about our new make along project, then we have got you covered. In our Facebook Make Along group we have recently been introducing more make along projects to the group.

A project Sara or one (or many) of the Black Sheep team will also make too. It's something that everyone can join in with together and add to that lovely sense of community we already have in the group.

There’s lots of encouragement and helpful advice on hand from fellow knitters and crocheters. Share your project part way through with #wipthisway or have it #finishedforfriday. We all love to see how everyone is getting on.

Scheepjes Whirl - Grinda Shawl

You may recall our recent love affair with the knitted Rowan Arabella cowl, designed by Lisa Richardson. Now it is the turn for a crochet project, the Grinda shawl by Lilla Björn. Tatsiana is the designer behind Lilla Björn. She is a friend of Black Sheep and is also one of our rather awesome Black Sheep Boutique designers.

The Grinda shawl was a make along project Tatsiana released on her blog a couple of years ago. It is a free pattern in sections on her blog and she also put it together as a full pattern to purchase on Ravelry.

The shawl uses one ball of Scheepjes Whirl, however checking tension is a must as it does use exactly one ball. If you know you are a loose crocheter or would like to make it bigger anyway, then you can also add in a Scheepjes Whirlette

Scheepjes Whirl - Grinda Shawl

We have put together a selection of matching combinations to get your creative juices flowing. It's not just a regular Whirl you can use to make the shawl you could opt for a Woolly Whirl or possibly a Frosted Whirl. There are videos of these on our Instagram Stories highlight too, under the title ‘Scheepjes’.

Scheepjes Whirl - Scheepjes Whirlette - Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Whirlette - Grapefruit
Scheepjes Whirl - Coral Catastrophe

Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Whirlette - Rose
Scheepjes Whirl - Turkish Delight

Scheepjes Woolly Whirl - Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Woolly Whirlette's - Green Tea and Custard
Scheepjes Woolly Whirl - Custard Cream Centre

Scheepjes Whirl - Scheepjes Whirlette - Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Whirlette - Avocado
Scheepjes Whirl - Rhubarb Bumble

Scheepjes Whirl - Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Whirlette - Citrus
Scheepjes Woolly Whirlette - Bubblegum
Scheepjes Whirl - Red Velevet Sunrise

Scheepjes Whirl - Grinda Shawl
Scheepjes Whirlette - Mint
Scheepjes Whirl - Minty Black Velvet

Scheepjes Frosted Whirl - Scheepjes Woolly Whirlette
Scheepjes Woolly Whirl - Kiwi Drizzle
Scheepjes Woolly Whirlette - Bubblegum

Sara has started from the centre of her Whirl for the Grinda. She is using a bright zingy shade of ‘Red Velvet Sunrise’. You can start at either end of the Whirl to get a completely different shawl, with just the one shade!

The great thing about this project being made in Scheepjes Whirl, means that we get to see all of the gorgeous colour combinations, as they unfold from yarn cake into crochet.

Grinda Shawl by Lilla Bjorn

To see the progress of customers who are also joining in and making the Grinda shawl, join our Facebook make along group.