Granny Square Day 2019

We all love a granny square! There is something so fab about this versatile snippet of crochet. It is very often the start of a wonderful project, one piece of a crochet puzzle. There are lots of different designs out there for granny squares. Whether you choose basic or more complex stitches, it’s so much fun playing with colour within the square too. For many a granny square is the first project you tackle when learning to crochet. If you would like to learn the basics of crochet watch our collection of how to videos filmed with Lynne Rowe. Take a look at crochet designer, Emma Varnam’s granny square pattern books. They are full of projects you can make with granny squares.

Granny Square Day - Simply Crochet Magazine

On Thursday 15th August we will be celebrating Granny Square Day along with Simply Crochet magazine. Originally created by Susan Regalia in 2014 when she was inspired by Instagram’s grid layout to create a granny square blanket online. Asking folks to submit their own designs to add in. It became so huge for one person to look after that she asked Simply Crochet to take over the task. 
This year Simply Crochet hope for Granny Square Day to be bigger than ever. Keep an eye out for more info popping up on their Instagram and blog. To get involved take a square photo of your granny square and post it with #grannysquareday2019. Simply Crochet will then be posting the granny square images on their Instagram.

We will be having a special day at the Craft Barn with free one hour drop-in sessions throughout the day. Learn how to make a granny square with the expertise of the Black Sheep team. 




You can then share your granny square on Instagram or we will share it for you! We will also have special discount on granny square books and crochet hooks in store on the day. We hope you can make it.