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  • Sirdar Bohemia

    Sirdar Bohemia

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  • Sirdar Firefly

    Sirdar Firefly

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  • Sirdar Foxy

    Sirdar Foxy

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  • Sirdar Funky Fox

    Sirdar Funky Fox

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Scarf Yarn

Knitting is a great hobby; you can make anything you fancy, but sometimes you want something quick and simple to do. In this situation, knitting a scarf is the perfect answer. It is also a great first time project for beginners, is simple to make and is an item that comes together quickly. Even if there are a few mistakes, once on, a scarf can look really great because small errors are not really noticeable.

Some people may think that scarves are a little dull, but they need not be. When it comes to scarf wool, there is a lot of choice. You can use scarf yarn to create an amazing array of different scarves to finish off an outfit or keep you warm.

Types of Scarf Wool

When buying scarf yarn it is important to realise that not all yarns are created equal. Quality definitely varies. The better quality yarn you use the better the results will be. Getting the tension right will be easier, so the stitches will be more even. In addition, the scarf will be easier to care for, so it will look good for longer.

Natural scarf knitting yarns always look good and are super warm. Wool is a classic material, but Angora, Mohair and Alpaca are wonderful too, and are soft and very warm. For children's scarves, manmade fibres like Acrylic, Nylon and Polyester are normally a better choice because they are usually machine washable.

Texture is important for a scarf, and there is plenty of choice here too. It is easy to find a good quality fluffy scarf yarn; Sirdar's Foxy and Funky Foxy range are great examples. If you want super fluffy, Katia Lolita is the scarf wool you want. For ruffles, Sirdar Aruba or Katia Gala are ideal.

At Black Sheep Wools, we always stock an extensive range of scarf knitting yarns, at great prices. Browse our range and treat yourself or a friend to a new scarf.