A Spicier Life CAL with Sandra Paul (AKA Cherry Heart)

A Spicier Life - Crochet Along

Black Sheep Wools & Sandra Paul (aka Cherry Heart) have reunited to bring you another superb crochet along. Our 2015 CAL, Spice of Life, was a huge hit with crocheters all over the world and ‘A Spicier Life’ looks set to be even bigger.

Sandra of Cherry Heart wanted to build on the crochet knowledge from the first blanket, so there’s lots of new combinations to try and she’s also introduced new stitches to keep paticipant's crochet confidence growing. Of course, if you're an experienced crocheter already you'll have a great time too!

This time around, A Spicier Life takes inspiration from India, thinking about the sights and flavours of that fabulous and endlessly interesting country but there’s an intentional connection with the first blanket that will hopefully mean these two will end up being happy companions in your home.

Like the first CAL, this pattern is full of wonderfully clear instructions and photographs and Sandra has created a series of videos to assist too.

To join the FaceBook group, click here or search A Spicier Life CAL #spicierlifecal, 

Getting started section - Click to download

Part One - Click to download

- Part Two - Click to download

- Part Three - Click to download 

Part Four - Click to download 

Part Five - Click to download 

Part Six! - Released 7th November - Click to download 

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