Sock Yarn

Whether they’re pink and fluffy or cabled and cosy, everybody needs socks.  Not only are they fantastically fun to knit, but they can be personalised to make the greatest of gifts! Most people think that sock wool is solely used, as its name would suggest, for making socks; however, weavers, knitters and crocheters all around the world use sock yarns in entirely different ways. Being a strong and flexible yarn weight, would you believe, this wool is used for far more creative projects than just socks.  

Much to many knitters delight, there are numerous types of sock yarn available, made of just about every fibre under the sun. Most are designed for use with 2.25-3.25mm needles and often as a 3-ply, this wool creates beautiful fabrics.  Naturally, the size of the needle used affects the size and density of the stitching, but generally, whatever you knit or crochet with sock wool will be relatively thick. Some sock yarns, however, are designed to be used with 4.5mm needles and can also be available in 4-ply weight instead. Modern yarns are still usually 3-ply, but some can be more tightly wound, which means they are finer than many traditional sock wools.

Available in both manmade and natural fibres, these stunning yarns are easily accessible and are undoubtedly a great investment. Silk is fabulous for intricate fine work; whereas merino wool and fluffy mohair make wonderfully warm garments, ideal for winter. If you’re a person who tends to sport holey socks, and don’t worry there are many of you out there, perhaps sock wool made from polyamide or viscose is a better option for you? These sock wools typically tend to be far easier to care for and can even be used for sturdy animal blankets or coats.

Not only differentiating in terms of fibres, sock yarns also vastly differ when it comes to colour. We proudly own some truly magnificent multi-coloured yarns at Black Sheep Wools which produce interestingly eye catching finishes. As this wool is commonly utilised for making socks, this means it is very durable for a long period of time. For the toastiest of toes, why not explore our range of sock wool, you won’t regret it come winter!