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    Regia Lace

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Regia Yarn

Regia knitting yarns is an absolute favourite with seasoned knitters for several reasons, first of which is the quality of Regia wool. Many of the Regia yarns come in superwash new wool so the garments can be washed as often as desired without adversely affecting them. Regia Angora Merino is a Regia yarn which is made up of 10% soft angora, 65% superwash new wool and 25% polyamide. Superwash wool has been treated so it does not felt. Regia Alaska Colour is made up of 75% superwash new wool and 25% Polyamide. Merino wool is classed as the finest and best quality wool which is just one reason it is used in Regia yarn.

Regia Knitting Yarns for babies and very young children

My First Regia 4 ply is an ideal Regia yarn for knitting baby or childrens clothes, as it is made from 75% soft Virgin wool which is machine washable thanks to a mercerising procedure. It comes in an array of delicate pastel shades and is wonderfully light and delicate. Although Regia Alaska Colour and Regia Lace are favoured by experienced knitters they can also be used by the novice. Regia Lace is a Regia wool which knits up as light as a feather, and like many other Regia yarns is non-felting.

Regia self-striping yarn makes knitting easy

Every knitter knows that a self-striping wool takes a lot of work out of knitting. Regia Design Line Ombre Stripe 50 grm is fabulous Regia wool designed by Kaffee Fasnett which enables knitters to produce high quality garments with easy and flair. Regia Snowflake Colour is another Regia yarn with a self-striping effect, which looks like snowflakes when knitted. Here at Black Sheep Wools we stock many Regia wools, Journals, knitting patterns and needles so knitters can do all their shopping at one time.