Nominate a Key Worker

6 winners receive a special gift!

Thanks you to everyone who nominated a key workers. The competition has now closed and we are delighted to announce our winners. 

We had over 800 entries which was just incredible and so many more than we were expecting. I read through every entry and many posts reduced me to tears. There are so many amazing people putting others first every day, it was inspirational and very humbling. We were also approached by an incredible lady who also wanted to donate a prize of a £50 egift card anonymously, which again got the tears going! So a huge thank you to her. So because of this and due to the high volume of entries  we have increased the prizes from 3 winners to 6, each of whom will receive a £50 egift card.

It was so difficult to pick the winners and if I had unlimited money all of them would receive a prize. All six work in different jobs and all have been instrumental in our country’s fight against this pandemic. From the Nurse to the Prison Chaplain they all deserve this reward and I hope they enjoy spending it.

Of course we can't give out too many details due to confidentiality as these people have been nominated. But here's what we can share.
Take care
Sara xx

Winner 1

Kathy nominated her colleague who is an Anaesthetist. 

Winner 2

Kelly nominated her daughter, a Teacher.

Winner 3

Sally nominated her friend who is a Prison Chaplain.

Winner 4

Julie nominated her knitting group friend, Social Worker looking after vulnerable families.

Winner 5

Alison nominated her big sister, Head Teacher and Vicar.

Winner 6

Lauren nominated her friend and colleague, an NICU (neonatal) Nurse.