Felting Yarn

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Felting Yarn

For those that love knitting, felting yarn is the greatest provider of knitting fun that creates phenomenal results. An enjoyable and easy technique, would you believe, felting is a fabulous way to transform any hand knit or crochet design into something extraordinarily exceptional. Creating a fabric that is warm and strong, felting wool is perfect for projects such as beautiful bag making or creating the cosiest cold-weather jumper.

For knitting explorers who are craving something entirely new and are willing to try unfamiliar crafting means, felting may be your forte! It is an exciting procedure, which although at first may seem daunting, is in fact incredibly rewarding. In the simplest of terms, felting is the process of applying heat and agitation to wool in order to change its appearance. When an item knitted with felting yarn is exposed to high heat and friction, it shrinks and the fibres bond together. This process of tangling the fibres magnificently transforms an items knitted texture, and voila, you have one with a much smoother finish. The matting makes the item less flexible, which means it is still spectacularly soft but far stronger. This allows for exclusive designs which are particularly durable, keeping their shape for a long period of time. 

When looking for the perfect felting yarn, two cardinal points must be borne in mind. The first is to buy the yarn recommended on the pattern and the second being to follow the stitches laid out in the pattern with the utmost care and precision. Eccentric knitters who often improvise may find that when they wash their creation, it either does not shrink enough or, unfortunately, shrinks too much. To narrow down the vast collection of felting yarns to a quintessential few, knitters should avoid those containing synthetic fibres or machine washable wools as these do not suitably shrink or matte for felting. Felting yarns made from 100% animal fibres are much more appropriate as they shrink and felt evenly, creating a flawless finish.  

Felting is what one could call a trial and error means of artistic creativeness. Not for the fainthearted, getting the results you’d like can take a fair amount of practice, so don’t be deterred by your first attempt! If following the correct process, improvements will increase over time with every experiment. So why not explore the impressive range of felting yarns available at Black Sheep Wools and give it a go?