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Microfibre Yarn

Knitting with microfibre yarn is a joy. It is extremely easy to work with and produces wonderful results.

The history of microfibre began in the 1950s. Around this time, modern synthetic thread production techniques were adapted to produce fibres that were a hundred times finer than a human hair, which is why yarn made from it is so soft. It is also finer than the other natural fibres a knitter or crocheter may work with. Silk fibres are twice as thick and woollen fibres are four times thicker than this amazing modern fibre.

The Benefits of Microfibre

These beautiful modern yarns bring many benefits to the home craftsperson. There are a range of weights available, so you can produce anything from soft thin socks to a thick Aran style sweater.

The fact that microfibre is mixed with other yarns means that whatever look or feel the knitter is after, it is possible to achieve. It can be used to make anything, including dresses, jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves, shawls, children’s clothes and toys. All will be soft and warm and will drape beautifully.

There are all kinds of textures available from the super fine, super smooth micro DKs to the heavily textured Araucania Lenga. Like most manmade fibres, microfibre yarn takes and holds dye particularly well, which means there is a myriad of colours to choose from, and anything made using this yarn will look like new for years to come. Garments will also be extremely easy to care for as the material can be washed in the machine at a low temperature.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we always have a good range of microfibre yarn in stock. Our customers like it, so we are always adding new types to our collection. If you have never worked with microfibre before, treat yourself and buy some today. Once you have made a garment using this wonderful yarn, you will be hooked.