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Llama Wool and Yarn

Llama wool has been used for hundreds of years to produce beautiful garments and soft furnishings. Two types of yarn are made using llama fleece. The fibres from the animal’s undercoat are extremely soft and fine, which means they are ideal for making all kinds of clothes. The animal’s outer hair is far thicker and coarser, which means it is extremely hard-wearing, making it ideal for rugs and tapestries.

Garments made with llama yarn are typically lighter than those made from sheep’s wool. However, the physical composition of llama wool means that it is actually warmer.

Choosing the right llama wool and yarn

There are also several different breeds of llama, all of which produce fibre with slightly different properties. This means that there is a fantastic choice of llama wool and yarn.

It is possible to make beautiful cardigans, jumpers, scarves, gloves and even socks from this very versatile wool. It is also perfect for knitting or crocheting intricate shawls.

For experienced knitters and crocheters, there are a number of weights and blends to choose from. However, if you are new to knitting or crocheting, it is wise to choose a mixed blend.

The makeup of llama fibre means that the spinning technique used to turn it into thread is very different from that used to produce sheep wool. This means that the resulting yarn has less flexibility, so some beginners find it harder to get the tension right. In addition, it’s important to bear in mind that most of the finer llama yarns are dry clean only. For those making children’s clothes, this may not be ideal. Fortunately, however, it is possible to buy machine washable versions.

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