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Angora Wool and Yarn

There are many benefits that come with knitting; from giving something personal to a loved one to just taking time to spend doing something you enjoy. One of the greatest benefits is the amazing variety of fibres there are to work with. Perfectly fitting into this description, Angora wool and yarn will deliver great comfort and warmth.

What makes this Angora rabbit fibre so unique is the fact that it is the lightest natural fibre but, due to its construction, is a lot warmer than wool. It definitely falls into the category of luxury and with the intensive production process, this is understandable. For those knitters working with it though, some truly marvellous items can be produced.

Given its special status, Angora yarn is typically woven with other soft materials to deliver strength and durability. These blends will most likely be with lambswool or cashmere, and tend to be provided by only a few names in the knitting world.

Angora wool and yarn from the best brands

One of the best names in the industry, Debbie Bliss, has a wonderful Angora blend in its Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky yarn. Noro Kirara is another fantastic blend, which takes Angora, cotton, silk and wool to create a gorgeous yarn which is a dream to knit with and to wear.

Other fantastic Angora wool and yarn examples include another Noro product, this time blended with Alpaca yarn, kid mohair and silk. With its distinctly colours, more wonderful creations are just a few stitches away. Adriafil Angora Carezza Classic and Wendy Thor Super Chunky are other great yarns to consider.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we are delighted to bring knitting fans the very best in Angora fibres, along with an extensive range of other wools and yarns. With sensible prices ensuring knitters are never without stock, we strive to make sure those needles keep on tapping away.