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Acrylic Yarn

One aspect most knitters and crocheters would agree is the most exciting out of any crafting experience is choosing which wool or yarn to work with. Whether you are the most experienced needlesmith or simply an eager novice, with such a large range of fibres available it is truly inspiring if you stumble across a particular one that you can envision using perfectly in one of your designs. Acrylic yarn, which is man-made material, produced out of synthetic fibres, and of no other fabric like cotton for instance, is certainly one of the staple fabrics that we choose to stock. This is due to a variety of reasons.

Similarly to natural wool, acrylic is formed into a continuous piece, wrapped into balls and can then be used rather functionally in various craft making projects such as knitting, crocheting and rug making. Unlike natural wool however, acrylic is not spun, but is instead twisted into long lengths. A benefit of using this yarn is that it is entirely dependable. An ideal fabric for those starting as a beginner crafter and wanting to practice projects, it is available in numerous weights from 40g up to 400g and is surprisingly cost effective too!

Acrylic wool is also exceptionally useful when it comes to allergies. Those that may be allergic to wool or natural materials no longer have to dream wistfully of wearing woolly jumpers and sumptuous scarves. Thanks to acrylic wool, they can! Along with its durability, acrylic yarn is also extremely easy to look after, thanks to it being washing machine and tumble dry friendly. Some knitters prefer to work with acrylic solely because of this, as while wool works to regulate temperature and is superior in wicking away moisture, it is more often than not more expensive and considerably harder to wash. Some types of acrylic wool are used in fashion as a less expensive alternative to cashmere due to the similar soft texture of the material. Available in a stunning array of luxurious colours, one would think that this synthetic yarn is too good to be true.

At Black Sheep Wools, we are proud to stock produce from infamous brands within the crafting industry. All major brands in the world of knitting create top quality acrylic fibres, with Sirdar and Patons leading the field in many respects. With acrylic wool blending fabulously with other fibres such as cotton, this allows for a little luxury to be incorporated into long lasting projects, alongside the easy-to-maintain quality

Although not perfect for creating that ‘authentic’ feel you often get with natural wool, acrylic wool is still a strong favourite amongst knitters. Feel free to explore our glorious selection and craft away today!