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Wendy Wool & Yarn

Wendy is brand of wool that is recognised by lots of people. This is not surprising when you consider that Wendy yarn has been available in the UK, for over a hundred years. Today, it is made by Thomas B Ramsden, and Wendy wool is still one of the most popular brands of knitting and crocheting yarns.

Knitting with Wendy Yarn

The great thing about Wendy wool is that you get a good quality yarn without having to pay a lot for it. As you would expect, Wendy makes a great range of traditional yarns. However, they also have yarns made from modern fibres in their collection. Knitters and crocheters are bound to find a yarn to suit their skill level and the items they enjoy making within the Wendy collection.

For baby clothes and blankets, their Baby wool is perfect. It is soft, and comes is a huge range of colours. This wool is made from either acrylic or nylon, meaning that anything made from it is hardwearing and easy to wash.

For those who like to knit modern clothes, there are plenty of Wendy knitting yarns available. Wendy wool is also great for knitting home furnishings like rugs and throws, and there is a kaleidoscope of colours to make your selection from.

At Black Sheep Wools, we stock a huge range of Wendy knitting yarns, including 4 ply, Aran, Baby, Chunky, Dk, Fashion, Scarf and Super Chunky weights. You can choose from Acrylic, Angora, Cotton, Merino Wool, Nylon, Polyamide, Polyester and Wool yarns, most of which are machine washable. Whatever you want to knit you will find a Wendy yarn that is right for the job within our range, so why not treat yourself and buy some of this great yarn from us?