Stylecraft Yarn

Stylecraft is a relatively new yarn company. The firm only started marketing Stylecraft wool in 1989. However, this does not mean that the company did not have prior experience of yarn production. The business was founded by four partners, one of whom, Richards of Aberdeen, had been spinning yarn since the turn of the century. This combination of experience and people who were fresh to the industry made Stylecraft knitting yarns unique. Their yarns were high quality, but also fresh and stylish.

Modern Stylecraft Knitting Yarns

Unsurprisingly, their yarns were an instant hit, and today Stylecraft yarn is still very popular with knitters and crocheters. Stylecraft wool is sold across the world.The company has continued to specialise in the production of acrylic yarns, which was their primary product in the 90s. However, Stylecraft has expanded its range and now offers yarns made from polyester, viscose, wool and many other fibres.

Sylecraft DK yarns are particularly popular. These combine several fibres to produce interesting yarn that is easy to knit with, meaning that creating the garments you want is an absolute pleasure. There is always a wide range of colours available. Stylecraft makes yarns that reflect modern fashion trends, but they do not forget their customers who sometimes prefer traditional yarns and colours.

Stylecraft is renowned for listening to their customers and providing them with what they need. Customers who have questions or who are looking for suggestions can speak to the company direct. Feedback is something Stylecraft likes and encourages, which is one reason their wools and yarns are so good to work with.

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