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Rico Yarn

Rico knitting yarn is made by the German craft firm Rico Design. This established craft firm was founded in 1974 by Franz Jacoby in Brakel, Germany. It started by making high-end embroidery threads and branched out into making knitting yarns soon after, something which it has continued to do right up today.

When you use Rico yarn, you know that it is of good quality. It does not stretch and glides through the fingers making it easy to knit with. Knitters at all levels enjoy knitting with Rico knitting yarn.

No matter what item you want to make, you will find a Rico yarn that is just right for the job. The Rico team looks far and wide for inspiration; its products are sold in numerous countries. The company gets feedback and ideas for new products from many different craft communities and cultures, which is one reason it is always able to offer home knitters something new and fresh.

Rico’s Creative Cotton range is perfect for crocheting and for knitting accessories. Its cotton yarns make knitting soft toys easy, even for complete beginners.

For those who want to make traditional items, such as baby clothes, cardigans, hats and gloves, there is a good range of more traditional wools available within the Rico yarn collection. All of the yarns are available in a wide range of colours, weights and textures. Many are made from natural fibres, such as cotton, Merino wool, mohair alpaca and cashmere.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we always have Rico knitting yarn in stock. It is a range of yarns that is constantly changing and being updated, so there is always something new for you to try. Rico yarns provide great quality at brilliantly low prices.